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November 11, 2021

Can Home Security Signs Deter Intrusion In San Bernadino?

There's a general idea that placing security yard sign in close proximity to your front door is all you need to safeguard your property. Essentially, a burglar will find "Protected By ADT'' and bypass your house. With this in mind, could you just have a home security sign in San Bernadino and skip an actual home security system? This means that a security system isn’t needed, just get a home security sign in San Bernadino. It’s the home security sign that deters intrusion in San Bernadino not the home security system.

Even though there is merit in showcasing signage from respected security companies such as ADT®, it won’t be sufficient to discourage all burglars. You’ll be in a much better position guarding your home with real security components. It seems like much less of a gamble than running the risk that your home security signs will deter intrusion in San Bernadino.

A Layered Defense Is A Wise Approach

Protecting your property with different security layers is a smart plan for ensuring the safety of your house. A diversified residential security package might consist of door and window sensors, video surveillance, video doorbells, motion-activated lighting, and smart door locks. ADP signs and stickers alert possible invaders that these layered devices exist but they will only be one element of your total defense package.

Home security signs might be enough to stop a first-time intruder in San Bernadino, but a single sign in your mulch bed may not dissuade a career criminal. If they fail to find other forms of security, they may conclude the signage is a fake and your house is not protected.

Legitimize Your San Bernadino Home Security Signs With Integrated Security Components

Even though home security signs may deter intrusion at times, you shouldn’t depend on them as the only means to protect your home and family. Instead, think about implementing a combination of these devices:

● Surveillance systems: To be honest, intruders never wish to be captured by your camera as it can be submitted in a criminal case. Go with an outside camera that covers typical access points including front door, back door, garage, and windows.

● Entry-point sensors: Most thieves break into your home through obvious entry points like windows and doors, so those should be safeguarded by motion and glass break sensors. In the event a sensor is activated, your system will notify you and your 24-hour monitoring station.

● Exterior motion-sensor lights: Although it’s a fact that many break-ins happen during the day when you are at work, you also need to defend against burglars who wait until dark. Lights with motion-detection capability installed near your entry points will instantly highlight criminal activity and turn away potential invaders.

● Smart entry locks and doorbell cameras: Smart locks will inform you if anyone attempts to unlock your door. A doorbell camera takes it one step further by offering a visual perspective. Both of these solutions can be accessed by your smartphone security application.

● Smart lighting: A worthwhile home automation tool, smart lighting may be put on a schedule or engaged directly from your smartphone. They are intended to make it appear that you are home and help deter prospective robbers.

Get Started On Your Total Home Security Package

Why would you gamble that dummy home security signs will deter intrusion in San Bernadino when you can have an integrated home security system? Call (909) 247-3368 or complete the form on this page to consult with one of our specialists. You are able to pick from various packages at budget-friendly rates or customize your security exactly how you want it.

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