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Monitored Fire Alarms Vs Smoke Detectors In San Bernadino

ADT smoke detector in a San Bernadino family room

The National Fire Protection Agency advises you place a smoke detector.  At a minimum, your home should have a smoke detector in every bedroom, the common space outside sleeping quarters, and on every floor of the house (including the basement). However, should you just place an ordinary smoke detector, or do you opt for a more cutting-edge monitored fire alarm? Let's break down the monitored fire alarm vs. smoke detector in San Bernadino dispute and discover which tool you have to buy for your family and living space.

Ordinary Smoke Detectors Only Pick Up Smoke

True to their name, ordinary smoke detectors only trigger when they pick up an abundance of smoke. Then they sound off -- usually with a loud tone -- until you reboot the alarm. Of course, if you’re not home, who will get alerted to the siren.

For best results, you need to buy multi-sensor smoke detectors that are designed for both smoke from both blazing and smoldering remnants. It might be best to pair your devices so all alarms go off at the same time. That way, you can know if there's a flame from upstairs, even if it occurs from a short circuit in the garage.

Monitored Fire Alarms Alert You To A Fire Emergency When You Are Home Or Away

A monitored fire alarm looks and installs the exact same way as your ordinary smoke detector. If they discover fire conditions within the house, they'll emit a high-volume warning. But, there's quite a few things that your monitored fire alarms will do that your smoke detectors can't.

First, advanced sensors will scan for increasing hot air levels in addition to different kinds of smoke. When they discover fire, they'll alert a monitoring center as well as trigger the high-volume alarm. That lets you focus on fleeing from harm’s way while your monitoring specialist sends emergency services. And since your monitoring specialist is always alert, your alarms never fail to alert a professional even if you’re traveling.

Monitored fire alarms typically link into your San Bernadino home security system. Other devices networked to the same system can be programmed to react when your fire alarms go off. For example, your smart thermostat can automatically activate the vent fan, which can help hinder further spread. Or have your whole house spring into motion making the lights power on, your doors unlock, and your security system neutralize. You can even have your system deliver your mobile device an alert to know that your house is in crisis when you're out on vacation.

ADT monitored heat detector in San Bernadino 

The Verdict Of Monitored Fire Alarms Vs. Smoke Detectors in San Bernadino

It's clear to see what comes out on top in a direct battle between monitored fire alarms and smoke detectors. You just get so many additional benefits with a monitored fire alarm.

Ordinary Smoke Detectors:

● Activates high-decibel alarm when the device senses ample of smoke

Monitored Fire Alarms

● Activates high-decibel siren when the component senses excessive amounts of smoke

● PLUS has sensors for rising heat

● PLUS pairs with your ADT home security system

● PLUS informs a 24/7 monitoring team which will send emergency responders

● PLUS shoots you an alert to your smart device

Get Monitored Fire Alarms As Part Of Your San Bernadino Security System

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